• People can become dependent on prescription medications, including opioids. For some people the path to dependence can begin after 5 days of use, and every extra day a person takes opioids for can increase the risk.¹

    Early signs of dependency can be hard to spot. The following is an easy questionnaire containing four questions to give you some idea of how likely you are to be dependent.

    If you don’t know if your medication is a prescription opioid, click here.

  • Please answer as truthfully as you can and if you have any concerns, talk to your doctor.

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Nielsen S, Picco L, Middleton M, Kowalski M & Bruno R, Validation of the Routine Opioid Outcome Monitoring (ROOM) screening tool in patients prescribed opioids for chronic pain. National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) International Forum, San Antonia, Texas, USA. June 17, 2019 (Poster presentation)

[¹] Shah, A, Corey, J.H, Bradley, C.M, (2017), ‘Characteristics of Initial Prescription Episodes and Likelihood of Long-Term Opioid Use — United States, 2006–2015’ in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, 66(10).